My faith has been challenged … refined and strengthened

Dylan Headshot

Dylan Lord (testimony given in 2013)

“LCC’s safe and open atmosphere allows for a variety of viewpoints, which otherwise may not have been shared, especially among the diverse groups of people that LCC attracts. Personally, being exposed to such an array of opinions has opened my eyes to things that I was ignorant to.

My faith has also been challenged and this has refined and strengthened me as a Christian. I’m indeed glad to be a part of this wonderful organization.”

This is what “being the church” is about

Headshot of Karen Long

Karen Long (testimony given in 2012)

“I do believe that campus ministry is important to the holistic being of a young adult because I think of the impact that it has had on me – that safe space to grow is given in the programs run by LCC. This highlights one of the continuing themes that LCC has been exploring on campus: creating safe community, and to share our lives together.

I am a firm believer of the significance of having a safe space for faith formation. My experience this past year has deeply entrenched this belief, as Theology over Pizza is one of those spaces to explore. I heard students express this, as they have asked questions that they say that cannot ask elsewhere. … This is what “being the church” is about: being present for one another where they are.”


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