final-top-postersTheology over Pizza (TOP)

Thursdays, 5:30pm-8:30pm
Vanier College, Rm 113

Topics of discussion vary weekly. These discussions are open and safe for anyone to explore their deep and tough questions.

One former LCC exec (now alumni) once wrote:

“In these groups, people are free to ask difficult questions, confront contradictions between what they thought about Christianity and what is written in the Bible.  People who want to go beyond Sunday School lessons, who want to learn more about Christianity than what popular culture tell them, have a safe space to express their thoughts, doubts and experiences.  No matter what a person’s background may be, [Chaplain] Chong creates a space where everyone feels they have something to contribute to the discussion.”

LISTEN TO RADIO INTERVIEW CHRY 105.5 FM (NOV. 2014) with Chaplain Chong on LCC (then known as Leadership, Culture and Christianity) and Theology over Pizza. Click the bar below.

Small Groups


LOGOS Christian Community invites you to join a small group where we can help one another grow in faith and make life-long connections with fellow students.

We offer small groups every Mondays and Thursdays. Connect with a community made up of students that can foster to your spiritual growth on campus. Check times below for a small group!

Bible study EVERY Monday
1-2 pm in Room 214 of the Scott Religious Centre. 

Topic: The Book of Philippians

Bible study  EVERY Tuesday
1-2 pm in Room 214 of the Scott Religious Centre. 

Topic: The Book of Philippians

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