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LCC is a student club at York University, Toronto. LCC aims to help students develop a Christian world view and their leadership potential for transforming our culture for God’s glory and the common good.

Our members come from various Christian backgrounds and traditions, both Protestants and Catholics. We are a welcoming group. Even if you do not call yourself a Christian, you are welcome to join and participate! We have been in existence as a club at York since 2004.

Our Hopes

  • We seek to develop a community where everyone belongs, regardless of backgrounds and viewpoints.
  • We seek to have programs where it is safe to ask ANY question at all – there are no taboo questions! We seek to go further than pat Sunday School cliches.
  • We seek to go deeper theologically, think critically, be relevant, and go BEYOND the liberal and evangelical Christian divide, and hence, grow everyone’s ability for discernment.
  • We believe that our Christian faith should make a difference in ALL areas of life, not just the “spiritual” area.
  • We believe that developing a Christian worldview is important to our call to co-operate with God’s mission of renewing all things – physical, social, emotional, ecological, intellectual and, yes, spiritual.
  • We seek, therefore, through these means to develop the leadership potential in all of us, so that everyone leads in some capacity in our vocational lives.

Our Leaders

This 2016-17 academic year’s student executives are:

Chair: Adlynn Loudoir






Secretary: Kim Cruz







Treasurer: Brandon Chihota







Directors & Chaplains: Rev. Ruth Hofman and Rev. Steven Venhuizen

LCC is affiliated to LOGOS Campus Ministry, which is a ministry of the Christian Reformed Church in North America  but seeks to serve all Christians, regardless of denominational affiliations.


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A Student Club at York University

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