LOGOS Christian Community

Logos: noun, (in Christian theology) the Word of God, or Second Person of the Trinity. [Greek, = word, reason]

What We Do:


LOGOS Christian Community (LCC) aims to help students develop a Christian world view and their leadership potential for transforming our culture for God’s glory and the common good.

At LCC, we seek to have:

  • Everyone BELONGS – where everyone participates in a safe, inclusive community.
  • Everyone DISCERNS – where everyone can reflect more deeply on contemporary issues in our culture and world, especially from a Christian worldview perspective.
  • Everyone LEADS – where everyone is encouraged to grow their leadership potential and to lead in their own styles and in their own areas.

Both Undergraduate and Graduate students are welcome!

Liberating Imagination

Be part of LOGOS!

final-top-postersTheology Over Pizza

Join us every Thursday and delve into thought-provoking, insightful, faith-based questions. Listen to the insight of other students or have your opinions and questions heard. Safe open space – anyone is welcome!


We offer small groups every Mondays and Thursdays. Connect with a community made up of students that can foster to your spiritual growth on campus. Check times below for a small group!

Bible study EVERY Monday and Thursday
Mondays 1-2pm in Room 214 of the Scott Religious Centre
Thursdays 3:30 – 4:30 pm in Room 214 of the Scott Religious Centre
Topic: “The Book of Philippians”

Some Partner Churches:

  1. Friendship Community Church at Keele and Finch
  2. Willowdale Christian Reformed Church close to Yonge & Drewry
  3. Maranatha Christian Reformed Church in Woodbridge, (Bus YRT #10 from York)
  4. CrossPoint Christian Reformed Church in Brampton
  5. Rehoboth Fellowship Christian Reformed Church in Etobicoke
For a complete list of partner churches in the region, visit here, and navigate the left sidebar for the churches.


Check out our resource page!

“If it is true that the leaders of our world tomorrow are on our campuses today, we need to develop a generation of Christian students who will make an impact for Christ in our world.”

~ Bradshaw L. Frey, et al. At Work and Play: Biblical Insight for Daily Obedience

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